Controlling access to your content

With ScreenSteps Live you are going to document all of the procedures in your business. In most cases you will only want your employees to be able to see those procedures. This article will explain how you can make sure that only people in your company can access your ScreenSteps Live site.

Option 1: Creating user accounts on ScreenSteps Live

In ScreenSteps Live you will have two types of users:

  • Those who are creating content
  • Those who just view content

For those who just need to view content you can create Reader accounts. These users will have a username and password. When they come to your ScreenSteps Live site they will login with this username and password.

Option 2: Have your users login via a different website

Authentication options

You have two options with ScreenSteps Live:

  1. Create new usernames and password in ScreenSteps Live for all of your employees, or
  2. Authenticate your employees to view your ScreenSteps Live site with a web application that they already use.