Removing The Lesson Description From the Table of Contents

When exporting a manual to HTML using a default template the lesson description is included in the table of contents page. This lesson will show you how to remove the lesson description.

Reveal Manual Template Folder

Open Preferences, click on HTML Templates (1) and navigate to the Manual tab (2). Click on the reveal folder button (3).

Duplicate Existing Template

Duplicate the template folder you would like to modify. I am going to modify the Black BG template for this example.

Open index.html File

Locate the index.html file in the ./TOC folder of the template folder you are modifying. This file contains the instructions for rendering the table of contents page when exporting a manual to HTML.

Edit LESSON Section

Locate the LESSON section in the index.html file. Look for the text %LESSON_DESCRIPTION%.

Delete %LESSON_DESCRIPTION% and save the file.

Export a Manual

Now export a manual and select the new template you just created.

The Lesson Description No Longer Appears

Now your table of contents no longer contains the lesson descriptions.


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