Installing/Sharing Templates

This lesson will show you how to install new templates for ScreenSteps. You can also use this method if you would like to move your custom templates from one machine to another.

Reveal Templates Folder

Reveal Templates Folder

Open Preferences > HTML Templates and select the folder icon. This will open up the templates folder on your system.

The templates folder just contains folders for each type of template. In this example we are going to add a new Blog template. Select the Blog folder.

Copy Template to Folder

Copy Template to Folder

Now just add your template to the Blog folder. It will automatically show up in your list of templates.

Moving Templates Between Machines

If you want to move a template between two systems just

1. Open the template folder as described above.

2. Copy the template folder you want to move.

3. Move the folder to the new system and follow the instructions above to install it.


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