ScreenSteps Desktop Package files

For the budget conscious, there is always the option of ScreenSteps package files.

ScreenSteps package files are the native file format used in ScreenSteps. If you need someone else to update a lesson or manual you are working on you could export the manual or lesson as a package file. That person would then be able to:

  • import the package into their own ScreenSteps library
  • edit the contents
  • export the package file again and send it back to the original author

Passing package files around doesn't offer the same simplicity or flexibility as ScreenSteps Workgroup or ScreenSteps Live but, in certain cases, it can be an acceptable solution.

Why you probably shouldn't just store your ScreenSteps Library on a shared network drive or on Dropbox

We get a lot of people that ask us if they can stick their ScreenSteps Library file on Dropbox or on a shared network drive and use that as a collaboration solution. You can. But there are some dangers in this approach and we don't support it or recommend that you do it.


ScreenSteps Desktop stores its information in a sqlite database. This is designed for one user who will open and close the library. If you get two users that open the Library at the same time then you can end up with one user overwriting the changes from another. That is why ScreenSteps Workgroup uses a true multiuser database like MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL.


If no two users ever open the ScreenSteps Library at the same time then you shouldn't have any problems. But if they do you might end up with corrupt data. You will be sad and unfortunately there won't be much we can do to help you.

If you really need a collaboration solution and don't want to pass around package files you should look at ScreenSteps Workgroup or ScreenSteps Live.