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Can I Import Word docs or HTML files into ScreenSteps?

Short answer

No, you can't.

Somewhat longer answer

You can copy and paste content from word or HTML files and insert them into ScreenSteps lessons. But you would need to do this one lesson at a time. If you find that you need to copy a big chunk of text into ScreenSteps and split it up then we suggest using the "Split Step" feature. You can then add images throughout the lesson.

An even longer answer

We talk to a lot of customers about getting started with ScreenSteps. Many have a lot of content in a previous system and want to know about importing it. If you find yourself in this situation you need to decide if you want to:

  1. Import your existing content, or
  2. Start creating new documentation from scratch

You might be surprised to know that most of our customers start from scratch. They do this because their current docs have been written in a way that isn't very useful to their users, so just importing them into a new system wouldn't help much.

To find out if your documentation falls into this category, we suggest reading our article, "How to figure out why people don't use your documentation." That article will help you determine if you should start from scratch or if you can try to move the docs you currently have over to ScreenSteps.

If you do decide to start from scratch, we suggest that you use our "Plan Not to Plan" methodology. Our customers who use that approach find that they are able to quickly create a lot of documentation. Many have told us that rewriting their docs using the "Plan Not to Plan" approach was much easier than trying to cram their existing docs into ScreenSteps.