Uploading Lessons From ScreenSteps to Squarespace

Squarespace allows XML-RPC blogging clients to post content (read more). This means you can post lessons from ScreenSteps to Squarespace using the Export to Blog feature.

To begin, follow the instructions for setting up a new Web Export account.

Configuration Settings for Squarespace

Configuration Settings for Squarespace

When it comes time to configure the settings for the Squarespace Web Export account do the following:

1) Select WordPress as the type.

2) For the server enter: http://www.squarespace.com/process/service/PostInterceptor

3) Enter the name of your website on Squarespace (taken from http://<website-name>.squarespace.com/) as the user name.

4) Use the owner account password.

Test Connection

Test Connection

Press the Test Connection settings to verify that ScreenSteps can communicate with Squarespace.



You can now upload a lesson from ScreenSteps to Squarespace by exporting to Blog/Web.

1) Select the template you would like to upload with (Blog HTML Neutral is a good one to start with).

2) You can make the post a Draft if you would like.

3) DO NOT select Post as Page. Squarespace does not support this WordPress feature.

4) Upload the lesson.



Your lesson will appear as a journal post in your Squarespace website.


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