Hiding Attachments in Google Sites

This lesson will show you how to hide the display of attachments for a page.

The Problem

The Problem

When ScreenSteps uploads a lesson to Google Sites it attaches any images as attachments to the page it creates. By default all attachments are visible at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately the Google Sites API does not provide a way for ScreenSteps to hide these attachments in the same manner that Insert > Image does when editing a page directly within Google Sites.

The Solution

The Solution

The solution is to change the page settings so as to hide page attachments from view.

To do this click on the More Actions menu (1) and select Page Settings (2).

Uncheck "Allow attachments"

Uncheck "Allow attachments"

Uncheck the Allow attachments checkbox and click Save.

Attachments will no longer appear at the bottom of your Google Sites page.


Alex Schenkman

Is there a way to do this once and for all, for all pages published through ScreeSteps?

Trevor DeVore

@alex: not that I am aware of. I've filed a request with Google to add support for hiding attachments to their API. This would enable ScreenSteps to perform the action automatically when uploading images. As of yet the feature has not been added.

Peter Snyder

We will be waiting eagerly to hear that this has been set-up by Google.

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