Uploading a Lesson to a Blog/Wiki

Once you have created a Web Export account for your blog in Preferences you can post any of your lessons using the Blog/Web export feature.

Export Lesson to Blog/Web

If you have a lesson open click on the Export button and select Blog/Web. Alternatively you can use the File -> Export Lesson -> Blog/Web menu.

Note that you can also export a lesson from the Lesson Library lesson list by using the File menu or by right-clicking on the lesson and selecting Export -> Blog/Web from the contextual menu.

Configure Export to Blog/Web Dialog

Before uploading the lesson to your blog for the first time you can configure a couple of options. You begin by selecting the Account you would like to upload the lesson to (1). This is an account that you have created in the Web Export preference pane.

Next you configure some of the properties of the lesson. If your blog server supports multiple blogs you can specify which blog to upload to lesson to (2). You can also specify a category for the lesson (3) as well as whether or not to post the lesson as a draft and/or page (4).

Once you have configured the lesson properties for the blog post you can choose a template (5). The template determines the formatting that will be used to display the lesson in your blog.

Once you are done configuring the various options click the Upload button to begin uploading the lesson.  

A progress dialog will appear while the lesson text and images are uploaded.

If all goes well then this dialog will appear. Use the Copy URL to Clipboard button if you would like to email the url to your lesson to somebody.

Updating a Lesson on Your Blog

When you export a lesson to a blog ScreenSteps remembers the fact that you did so. If you attempt to export the lesson to the same blog again the Export to Blog/Web dialog will appear slightly different. You can still specify whether or not to post as a draft (1) and which template to use (2) but you cannot change the category.

Clicking the Upload Again (3) button will replace the existing blog post.


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