How to Check Out a Manual for Editing

These instructions will show you how to check a manual out so that you can edit the title and outline. Note that you do not need to check out a manual in order to edit a lesson in the manual. Just check out the lesson.

If you need to check out a manual that is already checked out by another user then refer to this lesson.

Using the Contextual Menu

Using the Contextual Menu

You can right-click on a manual in the list of manuals to check it out. Just select Check Manual Out from the menu.

A lock will appear in the manual icon showing that it has been checked out.

Using the Checked Out Checkbox

Using the Checked Out Checkbox

While viewing a manual you can check a manual out by clicking on the Checked Out checkbox.

After clicking on the checkbox the lock will appear locked. You can now makes changes to the manual.


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