Embedding QuickTime Movies

This lesson will show you how you can embed QuickTime movies that you export from QuickTime Player Pro into a ScreenSteps lesson.

Export for Web

In QuickTime Player Pro open your movie and select Export for Web... from the File menu.

Select your settings and click Export.

Open ReadMe.html

When QuickTime has finished exporting you will find a folder with all of the necessary files. Open the ReadMe.html file in your browser.

Copy MarkUp For <body> Section

Locate the markup that Apple provides for the <body> section (1). Select and copy this text to the clipboard.

Add To Step

Right-click on a step in ScreenSteps and select Set Video Embed Code...

Paste Code

Paste the markup you just copied into the HTML For Video field.

Export to HTML

Now export your lesson to HTML.

You should end up with a folder that looks like this.

Copy QuickTime Files

Now copy the QuickTime media files from the folder that was created when you export from QuickTime Player Pro into the folder containing your ScreenSteps lesson.

Adding The <head> Code

When embedding QuickTime movies your web page will require some JavaScript and CSS files that Apple provides. Locate the <head> code section in the ReadMe.html file and copy the markup to the clipboard.

Now open the HTML file you exported from ScreenSteps (My_Lesson.html in this example) and paste the Apple supplied markup into the <head> section.

If you wanted to create a custom template that includes these files in the <head> of the web page you export from ScreenSteps then you can create one. See the Customizing HTML Templates manual for more information.

The Result

Now if you open your HTML file (My_Lesson.html) in a browser the QuickTime movie will be displayed.



Wow. you guys should make this easier, like dragging and dropping videos into steps (just like images).

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