Embedding Video in a Step

This lesson will show you how to embed video that has been posted to a video sharing service such as YouTube into a step. Video that is embedded will only be available in blog, html or ScreenSteps Live export formats. For PDF and Word export you can set a url that will link to the video online.

Choose Step

Select Set Video Embed Code

Right click on the image or step and select Set Video Embed Code...

Enter Information

Enter the embed code (1). For HTML, ScreenSteps Live and blog export this information will replace the image on the screen.

Optional: Enter a url to be used for PDF and Word export (2)

Movie Icon Appears

You will now see a movie icon appear next to the step image. You can click on this to edit the embed code.

Embed Code Without Image

If you have embed code present, but no image then you will see the movie icon in the image area. Click on the movie icon to edit the embed code.

Example of HTML Output

PDF Example

In the PDF version the image has a url attached to it. Clicking on the image will open the url in the users browser.


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