Adding Existing Lessons To Manuals Using the Lesson Palette

This lesson will show you how to add existing lessons to manuals using the Lesson Palette.  This is a very fast way of assembling topics from existing lessons.

Create a Manual

Create a new manual and select it.

Open the Lesson Palette

Select View > Show Lesson Palette.

Lesson Palette Overview

The Lesson Palette displays all of the lessons in the current library. You can search (1) and sort (2) lessons.  The lessons will be displayed in a list (3).  The description for the selected lesson will be displayed below (4).

Drag Lessons Onto Chapters

Just drag lessons onto a chapter to add them.

Here I have added a single lesson to the "Getting Started" chapter.

Repeat the process, adding additional lessons to your manual.

Tip: You can also drag lessons from the Lesson Palette onto Tags.


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