Errors uploading a lesson or manual

We occasionally have users who see this error when uploading lessons to ScreenSteps Live. The error message will be something like:

"A problem occurred while uploading the lesson: uploading lesson (No action responded to...)"

This is caused by a bug in a form parsing library that we use. This occurs when the lesson you upload to ScreenSteps matches an exact length. The parsing library will throw an error and you will see this message.

How to fix it

The fix is fairly simple, All you need to do is add a single space at the end of your lesson description or the instructional text of your first step. Once you do that it changes the length of the lesson and you should be able to upload again.

How to find which lesson is causing the problem

How to find which lesson is causing the problem

If you are just uploading an individual lesson then tracking down the problem is pretty straight forward. But if you are uploading many lessons in a manual it can be tricky to find out which one is causing the problem.

One clue is the lesson id that is highlighted in the message above. This is the id of the lesson on ScreenSteps. If you go to your account url and go to the path /admin/lessons/{the_lesson_id} then you will see which lesson is having the issue. So, in this example I would go to

If that seems too confusing then just shoot us an email and we can tell what lesson is causing the issue.


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