Searching in Tag Mode

This lesson will give you an overview of how to search/filter lessons in Tags mode.

Select Tag Mode

The options we will show in this lesson apply when you are in Tags mode.

Search/Filter Options

  1. Search field
  2. Lesson filter
  3. Sort order

Lesson Filter

You have a few options for filtering lessons.  Unassigned to Tag will only display lessons that have not been tagged yet. You can also filter Draft lessons or lessons that have a specific status.


You can sort lessons by Title or the last time they were modified.

Search Text

Search text will search lesson and step text for a match.

Tip: You can search for tags using the search by means of the "tag:" string. Here are some examples.

Search for lessons tagged with "help":


Search for lessons tagged with "version 2":

tag:"version 2"

Search for lessons tagged with "help" and "version 2":

tag:help,"version 2"


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