Importing Images Into a Step

This lesson will show you how to import images that you already have saved on your hard drive into a step.

Option 1: Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop files from your file system onto a step in ScreenSteps. When you drag an image over the step title, instructions or existing image a prompt will appear telling you that the image will be attached to the step.

Option 2: Use the Menu or Contextual Menu

You can also add an image to a step using the Lesson menu or the step contextual menu.

Begin by creating a new step by clicking on the Step button.

Select Step

Select Import Image File

Select Lesson > Step Image > Import Image File.  Select your image from the file browser and it will be imported into your step.

Or you can right-click on the step and select Import Image File... from the contextual menu.


Val Adam

Can you insert a screen shot into step text? Sometimes I like to shoot a command button and have it appear in line with the text when I refer to it.

Trevor DeVore

@Val - no, you cannot insert images into the text at this time.

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