Uploading HTML Lessons to Your Mobile Me or .Mac Site

This lesson will teach you how to upload lessons created in ScreenSteps to your .Mac site.

Export Your Lesson as HTML

Open your lesson in ScreenSteps and select Export > HTML.

Create a Folder on your Local Drive

I create a new folder called "lessons" on my local drive as well, either on my desktop or in my Documents folder.

Save HTML File in That Folder

Select the folder that you created and select Save.

Open Your iDisk

Select Finder, and then Go > iDisk > My iDisk.

Drag Lessons Folder to Your iDisk Web > Sites Folder

Drag the lessons folder that contains the lesson you exported to the Web/Sites folder on your iDisk. Make sure you drag the lessons folder and not just its contents.

View Lessons in Browser

You can now enter the url for your lesson in your browser.  It will be http://web.me.com/YOUR_USER_NAME/lessons/THE_TITLE OF_THE HTML_FILE_YOU_EXPORTED_FROM_SCREENSTEPS.  For example it might be "http://web.me.com/greg/lessons/Customizing_Lesson_Navigation_Links_In_Topic_Templates.html".


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