Using SnagIt with ScreenSteps

Learn how to set SnagIt to output to the system clipboard.  You can then turn on the Clipboard Recorder in ScreenSteps and use SnagIt to capture images for your ScreenSteps lessons.

Select Your Profile

Open SnagIt and select the profile you would like to use.

Set Output to Clipboard

Set the Output setting to Clipboard.

Turn On Clipboard Recorder in ScreenSteps

Create a new lesson in ScreenSteps and turn on the Clipboard Recorder.  Now, any image you capture with SnagIt will be added to your ScreenSteps lesson.



Thank you for posting this. I was browsing through the web to see if I really need to download SCREENSTEPs when I already have the latest version of SNAGiT (which is a wonderful tool btw) Now I know.. thanks!

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