Using the Clipboard Recorder

Learn how to use the Clipboard Recorder.  The Clipboard Recorder will add any image that is copied to the system clipboard as a ScreenSteps step. The system clipboard is where data applications store data when you use the Edit > Copy and Edit > Cut menus.

What is the Clipboard Recorder?

The Clipboard recorder automatically inserts images that have been placed on the system clipboard by a 3rd party application into ScreenSteps. The 3rd party application might be be another screen capture utility, a QuickTime video, or another graphics application.

To activate the Clipboard Recorder just click on it.

Once the Clipboard Reorder is turned on, each time another application copies an image to the clipboard ScreenSteps will create a new step and import the image.

This is what the Clipboard Recorder will look like when it is active. While the clipboard recorder is turned on ScreenSteps will create a new step every time an application places an image in a format that ScreenSteps supports on the system clipboard.

Click on it again to deactivate it.


Tim Godby

This is the way to take screen shots of ScreenSteps itself. It also wonderfully handy for those more comfortable with the Shift+Command+4+Spacebar screen grabs. Just remember to ADD the Ctrl key to send the image to the clipboard.

Michael Carter

Thanks for that added tip Tim. Much appreciated.

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