Introduction To The ScreenSteps Library

ScreenSteps stores all of your lessons in a single library folder. There is no need to worry about where to save each lesson you create. Just open ScreenSteps and start creating.

The Default ScreenSteps Library

The first time ScreenSteps is launched on a computer it will create a library folder named ScreenSteps Library (1) in your the user documents folder. On OS X this is in the ~/Documents folder. On Windows this in My Documents.

A file named (2) is created inside of the library folder. This is the database file that contains all of the information about your lessons.


Each lesson in ScreenSteps has a folder in the Lessons subfolder (1). Each numbered folder corresponds to one of your lessons in your ScreenSteps library.

Lesson Media

Each lesson folder has two subfolders - Data and Media. The Media folder contains the original images for each step in the lesson. The Data folder contains the image that is displayed in the ScreenSteps program.

Locate Library Folder

If your library is open in ScreenSteps you can use the File > Reveal Library Folder menu to reveal the folder in Finder or Windows Explorer.

Locating Lesson Media

Since the lesson folders are named using numbers it is not apparent which lesson folder corresponds to which lesson in ScreenSteps. If you need to locate lesson media in your library folder you can:

  1. Open the lesson in ScreenSteps.
  2. Right-click on a step image.
  3. Select Reveal File from the contextual menu.


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