Insert a Link to a Web Page Into Your Lesson

Select Text

To insert a URL begin by selecting the text you would like create the link from.

Click On Link Button

Insert URL

From the URL tab (1) type the url you would like to link to (2). You can specify whether or not the link should open in a new window by checking the Open link in a new window checkbox.

Note: The Manual Lesson tab will only be active if you are editing a lesson in a manual.

Previewing the URL

If you hover the cursor over the link the url will appear as a tool tip.  If you hold down "alt" on Windows or "command" on Mac when you click on the link, it will be opened in your default web browser.



Is it possible to link from text in one lesson to another (in PDF as well?)?

Trevor DeVore

Not at this time.


Do I understand this correctly, that you cannot link text in one lesson to the text in a different lesson in the same manual ?

Blue Mango

That is correct. If you want to link to another lesson in your manual you have to manually insert that url as is described above. We know it's a pain. But because a ScreenSteps lesson can exist in so many different places (PDF, manual, bucket, blog post, etc.) it isn't an easy problem to solve. We are working on it though.


How strange, I came here to ask the exact same question as Marcia asked yesterday. A lack of ability to cross-reference between lessons is a bit of a buzzkill for me.

Some parts of our application are complex and a customer may not know the exact term that they are searching for (especially because some terms are used in different ways by different groups of users). So when a user is looking for a particular term, we really need to be able to give them hints about what other terms they may be looking for instead - and when a lesson includes references to other aspects of the application it's really important for us to be able to send the user off to the right places. For me it seems a really obvious part of the functionality discovery process, and a surprising omission given the importance of short and sweet lessons.

I don't think this is a deal breaker but it's going to make our documentation a bit less useful than it might have been. I hope we get to see cross-referencing soon!


Now I am completely confused.
Blue Mango.....
Can I link one lesson to another lesson in the same manual
- Yes or No ?

Blue Mango

Yes you can. Just not as easily as we would like. You can link to another lesson in your manual just like you can link to any page on the internet. That is what the lesson above describes, linking to any internet page.

Ideally there would be a tool in ScreenSteps that would let you do this more easily for lessons in a manual. Currently there isn't. So, for right now, if you wanted to link some text in Lesson A to Lesson B that is also in your manual you would need to:

1. Visit the web page for Lesson B in your browsers.
2. Copy the url for that lesson.
3. Select the text in Lesson A that you want to point to Lesson B.
4. Click the "Add URL" button.
5. Paste in the link that you copied from your browser.

That is basically what the instructions above are showing.

Blue Mango

UPDATE - You can now link between lessons in the latest 2.8 beta. See more here:

Link to Lessons in Your Manual

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